Check out if www. [this domain] .com brings you to this page. If this is so then the domain is up and running. In a second step, you may check [this domain] .com. If you are routed to a professional looking page, then check out what you find there. If you think this domain might be a fitting asset to your big plans, then switch to the “42 SALE” page.

I don’t know when you will read these lines. That’s why I run some domains on a 100 year pre-paid basis in order to be able to point forward in time. The 100-year domains are hosted by internic, the first dot.com provider in history at a time when the Internet was supposed to be called Catenet. Internic no longer exists in the old form, but BY42.com exists and will be running until the year 2110. What 42 stands for might become common knowledge in time. If not, it is an easy catch to find out.

I am a creator of things. The term “things” has changed over time. I write about such changes. I created the term Cybermedia. It was a picture for the mind, now you can point at it, grab it, rez it in virtual worlds, place it into the sky and anchor it there. I rez. I sky.


Virtual meets real, real meets virtual. I won a lawsuit on the trademark Cyberspace after the dot.de domain was stolen, got it back and sold it. So many stories to tell, most will be lost like tears in the rain. Time to die will come. [Blade Runner]

In case you want to have a look back at times when computing got its boost, when a young guy like me could see things you people wouldn’t believe, things beyond the Tannhauser gate, then read The Gods of Informatics.